Head Brewer Alisha Blue


After attending the Siebel Institute, Alisha Blue worked for Rooster’s Brewing Co. in North Yorkshire, UK before relocating to the Bay Area. She was super stoked to find a cask ale brewery in the area, and loved working with and learning from original Brewmaster Malcolm McGinnis. Alisha enjoys sampling all libations, being in the woods, and burning through her Netflix queue with her cat and husband.


Assistant Brewer Erica DeAnda


Erica likes to open and shut valves. She received her start in brewing by showing up at a local brewery and pushing brooms for them. The hustle paid off and after stints at Speakeasy and Armstrong she has found a home at Freewheel. A lover of all beer, Erica still has a soft spot for cheap beer, especially Coors Banquet.


Brewer Memoratus In Aeternum Malcolm McGinnis