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Hearst Ranch


Since 1865, the Hearst family has raised cattle on 150,000 acres of rich sustainable native grasslands on California’s Central Coast.

At the Hearst Ranches it’s always been our practice to treat the animals with great care. Our cattle live a completely natural existence as foragers and grazers. Grazing enhances a complex and balanced mosaic of native grasslands, which in turn maintains the vigor and distribution of these habitats, ensuring a sustainable food system. Well-managed grazing is one of the primary reasons for the excellent condition of the coastal prairie and native grasslands along the inland terraces. It keeps cattle on the range, fertilizes the land naturally, sustains a seasonal rhythm to the ranches and produces a remarkable meat whose flavor is the authentic taste of the American West.

The historic working landscape at Hearst Ranch will be preserved forever thanks to one of the largest land conservation easements in California history, a joint effort with the California Rangeland Trust, the American Land Conservancy and the State of California.


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Our sausage comes from our friends at Pomponio Ranch Meat. They strive to be as sustainable as possible while raising animals in their natural environment utilizing rotational grazing methods to improve their rangeland.

All of their animals are pasture-raised from start to finish. They grain finish the animals with grains that they raise on the ranch or purchase from other local farmers.

They also supplement feed with spent brewer’s grain from local breweries, including Freewheel! Their goal is to produce a quality product that is 100% San Mateo County raised.

Please visit their website for more information: www.pomponioranchmeat.com